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Servicing South Florida

Have you tried getting a building permit lately?

We are here to save you the time, the aggravation, and the money!

Getting a Building Permit can be time-consuming.
The time you spend in the building department is time away from your business.

We manage and expedite the building permit process.
You no longer need to have your experienced field or office personnel standing in line.

-R-Us processes your building permits, freeing your personnel to produce billable time on the job, to increase production and revenue.  We also eliminate the liability of your personnel being out on the road.

Permits-R-Us provides a wide range of services that include:


  • Filing Notice of Commencement (NOC)
  • Submitting Notice of Acceptance (NOA)
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Application / plan submittal
  • Registering your company and qualifier in any municipality
  • Paying fines / re-submittals
  • Pick-Up / Drop-Off at your office or job site
  • Document Notarization


Permit us to earn your business.


(Se Habla Espanol)


Permits-R-Us Inc.* permitsrus@bellsouth.net * Phone/Fax: (305) 818-9600

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